The Team

Jeff Kuhn

Jeff Kuhn has a PhD in physics from Princeton. He’s the author of hundreds of papers related to optical instrumentation and remote sensing and the inventor of several widely-used imaging algorithms for public-domain astronomical science. He founded and directed the Advanced Technology Research Center on Maui for over a decade and is a veteran of several technology start-up companies. He brings nearly 40 years of experience in optical science to MorphOptic.

Joe Ritter

Currently Joe is the Laboratory Director and Physicist at the IFA Advanced Technology Research Center on Maui. He has held faculty appointments in areas from Astronomy to Space systems Engineering to Animal Science. He is involved in designing meta-materials for future space telescopes.

Ian Cunnyngham

Ian is a Scientific programmer with 14 years software development and IT experience, a formal training in Physics and Astronomy, and previous adventures founding small tech startups under his belt.

Kevin Lewis

Kevin is an entrepreneur interested in building new lens technologies able to find and characterize life on nearby exoplanets. When he’s not working on MorphOptic, he spends the rest of his time working with the PLANETS Foundation to scale their fundraising and engagement with the public. In addition to finding life in the Universe, Kevin is also interested in developing organizations that prospect and mine asteroids. He has also had a successful career in the Hawaii travel and tourism industry where we founded multiple companies and services ranging from an online activity brokerage to a retail chain.