About MorphOptic

Founded in 2015 MorphOptic is perfecting the process of making large-scale optical mirrors.

MorphOptic, Inc. was formed by a group of PhD physicists and optical scientists at the University of Hawaii to exploit a new technology for forming inexpensive, large, light-weight and highly accurate parabolic mirrors. Our team includes expertise from the Hawaii solar power industry, in combination with international and NASA prize-winning researchers and technologists who have developed some of the most innovative optical concepts in astronomical telescopes during the last two decades.

Our Mission

MorphOptic, Inc. has fused highly parallel information technology with imaging optical science to develop high quality, low mass, optical components that can be inexpensively mass produced. We develop advanced image-based tools for precision metrology that enable these technologies.

Our Vision

MorphOptic is working with technology partners from California, Florida and Germany to develop the world’s most efficient and inexpensive modular HCPV system. We’re showing how precise mirrors can make distributed hydrogen gas production economical, and how large imaging mirrors for optical communication and remote sensing can be manufactured with 1/10 the weight and cost of conventional mirrors.

Our Team

Jeff Kuhn

Jeff Kuhn


Jeff Kuhn has a PhD in physics from Princeton. He’s the author of hundreds of papers related to optical instrumentation and remote sensing and the inventor of several widely-used imaging algorithms for public-domain astronomical science. He founded and directed the Advanced Technology Research Center on Maui for over a decade and is a veteran of several technology start-up companies. He brings nearly 40 years of experience in optical science to MorphOptic.

Cynthia Warner

Cynthia Warner

Business/Commercialization Development Manager

Educational Background:  MBA, BS Earth Science, Environmental Science. Past Experience:  2015-2022. Island Sotheby’s International Realty.  Broker/Manager of Office with $140+million sales/year. 2012-2016. Piiholo South LLC., Project Manager for 300+acre subdivision/development including 1.7 Million GPD capacity well & infrastructure installation.  1995-2020. Design, Consulting, Construction and Project Manager.

Joe Ritter

Joe Ritter


Joe has held faculty appointments in areas from Astronomy to Space systems Engineering to Animal Science. He is involved in designing meta-materials for future space telescopes.

Cynthia Giebink

Cynthia Giebink

Project Management

Cynthia is a Software Engineer with 20 years of experience in the design and development of scientific instrumentation controls and data acquisition as well as database design and management.  

Ian Cunnyngham

Ian Cunnyngham

Scientific programmer

Ian is a Scientific programmer with 14 years software development and IT experience, a formal training in Physics and Astronomy, and previous adventures founding small tech startups under his belt.

Perfecting the process of making large-scale optical mirrors





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