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What we do

MorphOptic, Inc. is a small company started by award-winning physicists and optical scientists. We create innovative optical telescope and instrument designs and have discovered how to make mirrors which are not only 10x lighter than current state-of-the-art designs, but also much less expensive to produce. This technology will enable larger distributed optical systems with greater bandwidth, image resolution, sensitivity to faint targets, and robustness than has up until now been practical.

Great News!

MorphOptic (MO) signed a contract for a phase 2 SBIR/STTR with the USAF in December. This program will allow MO to create prototype curvature polished mirrors for small and large telescope projects. This includes the Honu off-axis telescope and a prototype mirror for the PLANETS telescope. Academic partners in this program include the Georgia State University, the University of Rochester, and the University of South Carolina Charlotte. 



MorphOptic has started working with the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) to create a path forward for commercial production of mirrors like these on Maui.

Commercial Production

Hawaii Technology Development Corporation

We discovered how to make mirrors which are lighter and much less expensive to produce

The Problem

Conventional precise mirrors are costly because they require many cycles of abrasive glass shaping and precise metrology. In some cases the cost of the fabrication hardware for even small optical mirrors can be several million dollars.

Our Solution

Our Rapid Additive Mirror Process creates thin mirrors without abrasive surface shaping resulting in optics that are smoother than conventional techniques. Our process uses relatively inexpensive and commercially available glass.

The Result

Our process reduces the cost to produce precision optical mirrors from about half a million dollars per square meter to just a few thousand dollars.

Our Collaborators

Dynamical Intelligent structures limited

VisSidus Technologies Inc



Perfecting the process of making large-scale optical mirrors




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